Mathematical Oncology

Haralampos Hatzikirou

Group Leader: M3S (Multiscale Modeling of Multicellular systems) @ Khalifa University

Adu Dhabi, UAE

Description: Current clinical care, specially in the field of Oncology, faces the following challenges: (C1) data collection is sparse in time since it relies on patient’s clinical presentation, (C2) we lack the knowledge/uncertainty of the mechanisms involved in regulating these data variables across different scales (structural uncertainty), and (C3) medical data are multiscale. Therefore, integrating these data to predict the future of a disease and propose an appropriate treatment (e.g., choice of a drug targeting proteins expressed in the tumour) is a formidable task. The overall goals of M3S research is improving the SoC by: (1) Understanding the principles of cell decision-making in multicellular systems (e.g. cancer or other pathophysiological tissues, bacterial colonies etc) (2) Developing a methodologies combining multiscale modelling and machine learning that allows for data integration and enable predictions under structural uncertainty

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