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Welcome to the first ever email newsletter dedicated to all things mathematical oncology. The purpose of this weekly(ish) email is to consolidate the important updates in the field of mathematical oncology into one, distilled form of communication. These might be tweets, preprints, post-prints, or even blog posts. Click here to preview a recent issue. Is the field of mathematical oncology ready for the next (r)evolution? Let's begin. Type in your email to subscribe on Substack.

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Please submit publications and preprints for inclusion to "This week in Math Onco" newsletter.

Inclusion criteria:
  • Papers should generally include some mathematical modeling component
  • Papers should be relevant to oncology or related fields (ecology, evolution, immunology, cell biology, ...)
  • Papers should be recently published (1 - 4 weeks)
  • Preprints (arXiv, BioRxiv, etc) are welcome