Welcome to the home of all things mathematical oncology. The purpose of this site is to aggregate community level resources in our field, to both facilitate its growth and aid in its implementation. Whilst this is somewhat IMO centric, we are trying hard to make this more broadly applicable and there are multiple opportunities for anyone who is interested to participate. This has been very much a team effort and we highlight below some of those doing the heavy lifting, this takes time and requires a persistent commitment. We are making a concerted effort to continue to maintain and grow this resource. If you are interested in contributing or have ideas that you would like to see implemented, we would love to hear from you.


This website is maintained by the following people:

Sandy Anderson, (@ara_anderson)
Dabbles in most of these resources and generally pays for stuff. Chair of the Integrated Mathematical Oncology department at Moffitt Cancer Center. Interested in the evolutionary therapy and ecological change in cancer.
David Basanta, (@dbasanta)
Founding editor of The Mathematical Oncology Blog & faculty at Moffitt Cancer Center. Organizer for the mathematical oncology seminar series. Research interests: cancer ecology and evolution.
Jeffrey West, (@mathoncbro)
Founding Editor of This week in Math Onco & postdoc at Moffitt Cancer Center. Research interests: antifragility, #MathOnco, cancer evolution, game theory, cellular automata.
Maximilian Strobl, (@StroblMAR)
Assistant editor at "This week in MathOnco". Post-doc at the Anderson lab at the Moffitt Cancer Center. Interested in integrating eco-evolutionary principles and math modeling to improve cancer treatment scheduling.