Mathematical Oncology

Submit a blog post

If you would like to submit a post, we have collected a couple of instructions here.

Submit an artwork

Featured artwork that has appeared on the cover of the weekly newsletter can be found here. If you'd like to submit your own artwork for consideration please contact Maximilian Strobl.

Submit a group page

The MathOnco Community website provides a world-wide overview of MathOnco groups. Current authors of a Mathematical Oncology blog post are eligible to submit their group page. If you're not already an author, you may submit a post for consideration at the same time as submitting your group information. We hope this will maximize discussion between math oncology groups worldwide.

If you'd like to have your own group featured, please prepare the following information:

  • group name
  • website of your group
  • group location
  • keywords describing your group's research (including if it's theoretical/experimental/both)
  • small description of your group
Optionally, you can provide:
  • Twitter handle of your group
  • group logo
  • group photo/group picture/research summary figure
Please send all information to Saskia Haupt.