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Created by: Sandy Anderson, Maxi Strobl, Jill Gallaher

Issue 182: Mathonco has a new home! We’re excited to share that we have given the website an overhaul and have merged it with the mathonco blog and the newsletter to create a single place for everything #mathonco. In addition, you can find job postings, conference adverts, and recordings of the IMO seminar series. Anything missing that you would like to see? – just let us know. We want this to be a resource for the community by the community! Thanks to Jeffrey West for his hard work designing the page, and to David Basanta, Maxi Strobl, Jill Gallaher and Sandy Anderson for helping out. As always, If you’d like to make a suggestion or submit a blog post you can send an email to P.S. We hope the margins are wide enough to contain your all your cool #mathonco sketches!