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Created by: Chang Gong, Aleksander S. Popel

Issue 187: Tumor morphology is affected by cancer stem-like cell (CSC) mechanisms, such as migration rate and asymmetric division probability. In our recent paper, we developed a platform spQSP-IO which combines the strength of QSP models and spatially resolved agent-based models (ABM), and created a model of cancer development in the context of anti-cancer immunity and immune checkpoint inhibition therapy. In the figure, red, brown and grey indicate CSC, progenitor and senescent cells, respectively. Asymmetric division probability is low in row 1 and 2, and high in row 3 and 4. Migration rate is low in row 1 and 3, and high in row 2 and 4. Column 1-3 show the temporal change of tumor shape (on day 60, 120 and 180); the last column shows cancer cells with color corresponding to their CSC progeny.