Click the image below to view the animated version of this cover.

Created by: Jacob Pettit

Issue 222: Are you interested in the interplay between machine learning and biology? I recently launched “Hot Topics in ML+Bio”, a weekly newsletter in which I try to collect papers and research relating to fields of Machine Learning and ML for biology. Thinking about the similarities between these two fields, I was inspired to create this artwork. The animated shape on the bottom of the screen represents the dynamic nature of a probability distribution, the grid represents a cell grid/lattice as is used in some simulations, the translucent circle and its contents is a stylized representation of a cell and its organelles, while the dot grid in the upper left is another visualization of a cell grid and the color-changing circle overlaying it represents the changing nature of a cell membrane. To make this image I used the Canva tool which has a large library of shapes and animations to pull from.