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Created by: Ryan Schenck

Issue 241: This past week was the Computational Modelling of Cancer Biology and Treatments workshop hosted by Banff International Research Station in Banff, Alberta. The workshop was organized by Dr. Morgan Craig and Dr. Adrianne Jenner. In an effort to highlight the incredibly wide adoption of openAI and simultaneously draw attention to some of the communities ongoing conferences/workshops this week's cover letter is an AI generated image given a prompt and then iteratively erasing and asking for revisions of different parts of the image. The initial request was to create 'a painting of Lake Louise in Banff during the winter with a frozen lake.' I then erased the sky and asked the AI to 'add abstract mathematical equations in a blue sky.' Once happy with the generated image, I erased the frozen lake and asked it to create 'a team of scientists and doctors contemplating treatment for a cancer patient.' The resulting image has no post-production and is the raw image from openAI.