Click the image below to view the animated version of this cover.

Created by: Chandler D. Gatenbee, Sandy Anderson

Issue 267: Registering whole slide image (WSI) requires finding the rigid and non-rigid transformations that align a set of histology slides. To tackle this challenge, we developed VALIS (Virtual Alignment of pathoLogy Image Series), which is available on Github, PyPi, and Dockerhub. For this cover, we warped the VALIS logo using random non-rigid transforms combined with the rigid transforms VALIS found for a collection of seven serially sliced IHC images taken from a colorectal adenoma. The animation then shows the process of 'unwarping' the logo, going from tangled mess to a clean overlay, much like what is seen after a successful WSI registration. If you would like to learn more about our software, you can check out the paper here.