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Created by: Integrated Mathematical Oncology PhD

Issue 274: We’d like to invite you to apply to Moffitt Cancer Center’s PhD program in the Integrated Mathematical Oncology track, which consists of focused training in mathematical modeling for cancer biology and clinical oncology problems. Students will receive interdisciplinary training in the broader field of cancer biology and immunology through coursework and immersion in the Moffitt Cancer Center’s research endeavors, in collaboration with the University of South Florida. Moffitt Cancer Center has the largest group of mathematical oncologists in its unique Integrated Mathematical Oncology department. Moffitt Cancer Center is the central hub for translational mathematical modeling research, providing a unique training environment for graduate studies. We're on the lookout for students who are not only good with mathematical models but can also dive deep into discussions about biology with biologists and chat about clinical data with doctors. The program offers full tuition, health insurance, and a stipend.