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Created by: boredomresearch (

Issue 281: This week’s artwork was created by boredomresearch in conjunction with the International Society for Evolution, Ecology and Cancer (ISEEC). ISEEC will be holding a workshop on May 8-10, 2024 at the Wellcome Genome Campus in the UK. This year’s Cancer Evolution: from Genome to Ecology conference will highlight recent advances in phenotypic plasticity, multicellularity of aging and cancer, as well as, developments in spatial biology and modelling the evolution of caner, including using machine learning methods. Scientific presentations on data visualization will be complemented by informal workshops on using art for scientific gain. The programme will also include presentations selected from abstracts submitted on the broad themes of the conference. Posters and poster-pitch talks will provide opportunities to present research findings or get feedback on ongoing projects. This highly-interactive meeting will foster knowledge exchange among evolutionary biologists, ecologists, cancer researchers, clinicians and those from other disciplines who would like to learn about recent developments with application to cancer evolution and ecology. There will be plenty of opportunities to establish collaborations through face-to-face networking with inclusive meals, and optional on-site accommodation.