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Created by: Sadegh Marzban (@S_Marzban)

Issue 288: "Exploring the collagen canvas: insights into tumor microenvironment. Our artwork, based on data from second harmonic generation imaging of late stage Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas (HNSCC). The data is pixelated and the movement of each pixel demonstrates the dynamic interplay of collagen (pink), T cells (green), and tumor cells (blue). Collagen orientation dictates T-cell migration, influencing their infiltration into the tumor. Each circle portrays collagen, T cells, and tumors, with brightness reflecting their density. Areas with high collagen lead to a constrained immune migration (less movement) while areas of low collagen lead to random, undirected motion (more movement). Witness the evolution of collagen patterns as a mechanism for immune evasion in HNSCC!"