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Created by: Tobias Duswald, Ernesto A.B.F. Lima, J. Tinsley Oden, and Barbara Wohlmuth

Issue 291: Cancer begins at the cellular level, where intricate and complex processes at the microscopic scale lead to abnormal cell proliferation, culminating in the formation of tumors visible to the naked eye. These growths significantly compromise individual health and can be fatal. In our study, we aimed to encapsulate the microscopic dynamics of vascular tumor growth while accurately reflecting the observable, large-scale growth patterns of cancer and the impact of treatment. Our model is tailored to breast cancer, employing a combination therapy approach with Trastuzumab and Doxorubicin. However, its flexible design allows for easy adaptation to other cancer types and treatments. The image depicts the simulation at the onset of the treatment with Trastuzumab - the spherical agents are tumor cells in different cell states (different colors), the vasculature is shown in red, and Trastuzumab is displayed in purple. Recognizing the potential challenges in implementing such models, we have made the complete source code publicly accessible, including scripts to reproduce the results. This ensures that future enhancements and modifications to the model can be undertaken efficiently, without the necessity of starting from the ground up.