Mathematical Oncology

Robert Noble

Group Leader: Noble Group @ City, University of London

London, United Kingdom
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theoreticalcancer evolutioncancer ecologyevolutionary dynamicsevolutionary therapyspatial heterogeneitycomputational biologystatistical inferenceagent-based models.

Description: We use data-driven mathematical and computational models to investigate the evolution and ecology of cancer, in collaboration with experimental biologists and clinicians. Our research programme has four main themes: 1) Developing a systematic understanding of somatic evolution; 2) Devising methods for patient-specific tumour progression forecasting; 3) Optimizing treatment strategies that manipulate tumour evolutionary dynamics; 4) Using life history theory and population data to disentangle contributions to cancer risk. Our methods for pursuing these aims include agent-based models, analysis of dynamical systems, stochastic processes, and Bayesian data analysis..

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