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Created by: Ryan Schenck,  Calum Gabbutt

Issue 193: This artwork is a representation of our recently published work in Nature Biotechnology illustrating the use of fluctuating methylation clocks (FMC) to reconstruct human somatic cell lineages. The artwork is a superimposed mixture of some of the mathematics governing methylation, its derivation, the inference method, and the informative fluctuating CpG (fCpG) distribution. If you look closely, the fill of the histogram is a gradient where on the left to right you have 0%, 50% (middle), and 100% methylated loci. This fill on the fCpG distribution is represented in Figure 1A of the manuscript. We found that these fCpGs are informative across tissues and cell types having applied our methodology and theory in the Colon, Small Intestines, Endometrium, and human blood.