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Created by: Ryan Schenck

Issue 234: It has been a week and a half since the 10th annual IMO Workshop (IMO Workshop X, October 31–November 4, 2022). This year's theme was "Cancer Communities". Five teams competed for a \$50,000 pilot grant award through a week of intense, interdisciplinary collaborations. These teams are represented here as individual houses, coloured by their teams' colour: blue, green, purple, orange, and pink led by Joel Brown, Renee Brady, Noemi Andor, Jeffrey West, and David Basanta, respectively. At the beginning of the week, no team knows what combination of expertise they will have and what ideas/projects will emerge. The smoke from the chimneys of each team's house is the product of the ideas that were generated from the workshop. Several smoke bubbles have pieces of the final presentation slides/figures that were presented on the final day of the workshop. The winning team, purple, slightly elevated above the rest, and team green in 2nd place, but still a recipient of an additional \$50,000 pilot grant bonus award. The backdrop was the official workshop artwork created by Jill Gallaher with help from Maximilian Strobl and Chandler Gatenbee. Together, this post-workshop piece speaks to the community of passionate, hardworking individuals that participate each year, the hosts this workshop every year, and the amazing science they produce.