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Created by: Tina Giorgadze, Kerri-Ann Norton

Issue 237: The tumor microenvironment is a complex system involving cross-talk between tumor cells, immune cells and stromal cells in the microenvironment. One of the most studied cross-talks is between tumor cells and endothelial cells that make up the tumor vasculature. Tumor cells that are too distant from the surrounding vasculature become hypoxic, due to low oxygen, and release vascular endothelial growth factor, which in turn signals mature vasculature to sprout and promote angiogenesis towards to the hypoxic region of the tumor. Here we show an in silico model of a developing tumor, indicating the hypoxic tumor cells in purple and the developing vasculature as a red "skeleton". This hypoxic tumor region would be less susceptible to treatment due to its distance from the mature vessels and being in a hypoxic microenvironment. To learn more, check out the paper here.