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Written by Saskia Haupt - July 05, 2022

MathOnco Research Group Highlights

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New feature: MathOnco Research Group Highlights

The MathOnco community continues increasing with a lot of people and groups joining every day. In order to make the world-wide research activities visible and to foster exchange between groups, we aim at providing a world-wide overview of MathOnco groups that you can search by location and research keywords. Today, we thus announce the launching of a new feature for the MathOnco website: MathOnco Research Group Highlights!

Search MathOnco groups by keyword and location

In this section of the website, we provide a world-wide overview of research groups from the area of mathematical oncology that can be searched by keywords and geographic location. You are planning a conference or mini-symposium on a certain topic? You are interested in groups working in a specific field of MathOnco? Go to the MathOnco group website, click on a keyword like cancer modeling or treatment and you obtain a list of all groups working on that keyword.

You can further list all theoretical or experimental groups which might be relevant for job search or collaboration projects.

Besides that, you see a world map at the top of the MathOnco group website. This is more than just a nice overview of all MathOnco groups in the world! You can search by locations, zoom in and out, click on specific groups and get directly referred to their group pages with further information on their activities.

By clicking on individual groups, you are referred to their individual group page within the MathOnco community website. Here can you find more information including a small group description as well as a collection of all their blog posts and cover arts. Please feel free to explore the group pages! 🤓

How to feature your MathOnco group

Current authors of a Mathematical Oncology blog post are eligible to submit their group page. If you're not already an author, you may submit a post for consideration at the same time as submitting your group information. We hope this will maximize discussion between math oncology groups worldwide.

If you'd like to have your own group featured, please prepare the following information:
  • group name
  • website of your group
  • group location
  • keywords describing your group's research (including if it's theoretical/experimental/both)
  • small description of your group
Optionally, you can provide:
  • Twitter handle of your group
  • group logo
  • group photo/group picture/research summary figure

Please send all information to Saskia Haupt. In case of any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out! 🧐

Thank you all for supporting our community efforts! 😍
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