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An interim report on the MathOnco survey

Written by Saskia Haupt - January 26, 2022

Dear MathOnco community,

Do you know what thrives our scientific community? You are most interested to read about modeling and tumor in the MathOnco newsletter, according to our recent survey results. Also topics like treatment, therapies, evolution, biology are highly relevant for many of you.


This MathOnco year started with a survey on the MathOnco weekly newsletter and the MathOnco web page. We are interested in who is reading those sources, what are you most interested in, what can we improve and what are your ideas to shape the future of our MathOnco community together. We will now have a closer look at the main interim results of this survey.

So far, we received 53 answers on which all the following results are based on. Thank you for your highly valuable comments and input to shape the community together. The survey will stay open for a while and you can still participate to send us anonymous feedback. Please take this opportunity and fill out the survey if you haven't done so already.

Demographics: Who is part of our MathOnco community?

Almost 40% of the survey participants are PhD students followed by faculty members (23%), post docs (13%) and senior researchers (11%). Besides that, some master and bachelor students, medical residents, people working in industry and retired people are part of the MathOnco community. Hello to all of you 😀


The scientific background ranges from mathematics (57%), over physics and biology (each 28%), engineering (15%), bioinformatics (13%), computer science (9%) and medicine (8%) to chemistry, social sciences, neurosciences, environmental science and biochemistry (2% each). It's fantastic to see such a broad variety of backgrounds influencing MathOnco!


Other science newsletters MathOnco folks are subscribed to

As this might be valuable for all of us, here is a list (without rating nor verification) on the science/academics newsletters some of the MathOnco people are subscribed to:

Future of the MathOnco web page

What will come next in the newsletter?

If you want your paper or preprint highlighted in the next issue of the MathOnco newsletter, please write an email to Jeffrey West or Maxi Strobl. If you want to write a blog post for the MathOnco blog (which will be featured in the next newsletter issue), please do not hesitate to contact David Basanta.

What are the next features and sources on the MathOnco web page?

According to the survey, you are most interested in a collection of educational resources like recordings of tutorials, lectures and lecture materials, as well as a calendar with upcoming seminars/abstracts/deadlines/... If you already have educational resources that you want to share or if there is an upcoming seminar talk that you want to highlight, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Saskia Haupt. By the way, we already have posted some seminars. You're very welcome to watch them in the meantime.


Again, thank you all for participating in the survey! If you haven't done so, please fill out the survey to have your feedback. Stay tuned for any further steps and please do not hesitate to contact the MathOnco team with your papers, preprints, job postings, conferences, seminars, ... Your input will be of high value for all of us. We are very much looking forward to shaping the MathOnco community together.

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