Mathematical Oncology

Adrianne Jenner

Group Leader: Jenner Lab @ Queensland University of Technology

Brisbane, Australia
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theoreticalcancer treatmentoncolytic virotherapyimmunotherapystochasticityvirtual clinical trialsagent-based models.

Description: Responses to cancer treatment are extremely varied across the population largely due to tumoral and immunological differences between patients and their cancers. Mathematical and computational modelling allows us to shine a light on these differences and attempt to capture their impact on experimental treatments. The research in this group largely focusses on treatments such as virotherapies, immunotherapies, and chemotherapies or some combination of these. Recently, we have been focused on examining how injectable sustained-release devices might improve the efficacy of these treatments. A range of techniques are employed in this research group, including deterministic mathematical models and agent-based models. We regularly use a technique known as virtual clinical trials or in silico digital twins to attempt to capture population level heterogeneity.

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