Mathematical Oncology

Kit Curtius

Group Leader: Quantitative Cancer Control Lab @ University of California San Diego

La Jolla, California, USA
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theoreticalexperimentalcancer evolutionstochastic modelingearly detectionscreeningbiomarkersbioinformaticsstem cell dynamics.

Description: The aim of our research group is to improve the ability to detect and prevent cancer at the earliest stages. To achieve this, our team develops mathematical and computational methods to analyze and integrate multi-scale data arising from the underlying process of somatic evolution (from single-cell sequencing up to population-level incidence data). These methods help us determine who is at highest risk of cancer development, what types of biomarkers stratify highest vs. lowest risk before invasive cancer forms, and when to perform screening and interventions. We also currently perform next-generation sequencing from patient samples in our lab for various ongoing studies.

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