Mathematical Oncology

Russell Rockne

Group Leader: Mathematical Oncology and Computational Systems Biology @ Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope National Medical Center

Duarte, California, USA
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theoreticalexperimentalmathematical oncologyprecision medicinepersonalized medicinecomputational biologypredictive modelingmedical imagingMRIPETSPECTtargeted radiation therapyradioimmunotherapyCAR T-cellsdata scienceinterstitial fluid flowcombination therapies.

Description: The Division of Mathematical Oncology and Computational Systems Biology uniquely combines clinical care, scientific research and mathematical expertise to enhance the overall understanding of cancer development, growth, evolution and reaction to treatment. We are located in an active research hospital environment, with close collaborations between clinicians and biologists to translate findings directly into the clinic. Our mathematical research helps the care team to predict, control and thwart malignancy on both a global scale by improving evidence-based standards of care and an individual level by personalizing treatment using quantifiable patient and disease factors.

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