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Created by: Adrianne Jenner

Issue 205: This artwork captures the notion of in silico clinical trials, which were recently discussed in our published work in the context of combined virotherapy and immunotherapy (viroimmunotherapy). In silico clinical trials, also known as virtual clinical trial, virtual twins, phase i trials, populations of models and random ODEs, are a technique used to create a population of in silico heterogeneous individuals based on real measurements of patient disease growth characteristics and treatment efficacy. By random sampling from distributions based on patient measurements, variations on the treatment protocol (e.g. days between consecutive treatment doses and multiplicity of doses) can be examined to predict population level responses as well as individual responses. From this, optimal “one-size-treats-all” or “personalised” treatments can be determined. This technique has been applied to viroimmunotherapy to reveal patterns in optimal dosage protocols based on tumour aggressivity, see our published work. Created with