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Created by: Sandhya Prabhakaran, Jeffrey West, Maximilian Strobl, Chandler Gatenbee, Sandy Anderson

Issue 217: By enabling us to better map out the spatial distribution of multiple cell types at the same time, emerging multiplexed imaging technologies are transforming our ability to understand the complex ecology within a tumor. In our new paper, we present Mistic, an open-source multiplexed image t-SNE viewer that enables the simultaneous viewing of multiple 2D multiplexed images to provide an overall visual preview of the entire dataset. This allows an exploratory understanding of underlying patterns in the data such as the specific expression pattern of a given biomarker across all images. This cover art is based on such an image t-SNE that renders 92 multiplexed images from Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Additional experiments can be found at readthedocs. To try it out yourself, access Mistic here.